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One of The Best Aerobic Excercise

Jumping rope to get more fit is one of the best vigorous activities. It blazes a considerable measure of calories, it doesn’t require costly hardware and should be possible at home. There is a justifiable reason motivation behind why boxers and MMA contenders use it to stay fit as a fiddle.

A regular jumping rope routine will help you develop your fitness coordination and agility. It targets your calves, thighs, and buttocks. It also makes an excellent addition to a cross-training program, in which a variety of aerobic and resistance activities are combined to create a complete cardiovascular workout to achieve all around fitness and conditioning.

The most important thing when buying a jump rope is to make sure that it is the right length. It is usually possible to adjust the length if the rope is too long. Stand with both feet in the center of the rope and pull up the ends. The handles should reach to your armpits. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing and training shoes, begin to jump. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed and your upper arms close to your body. Use your wrists, not your whole arms, to turn the rope and try to keep them as low as possible. Keep your back straight and your stomach pulled in.

As your fitness level increases, begin adding jumps with both feet together. To avoid boredom, you could try some variations, such as hopping on one foot, then the other. Again, make sure you do not jump too high. If you keep your feet in fairly close contact with the ground, you will minimize the chance of strain and will more likely keep jumping for a longer time. If you have not jumped rope for some time, you may find a normal training level too hard. To build up stamina, jump initially for 2 minutes, or if this is too much, for 30 to 40 jumps, and then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat twice. At each subsequent session, reduce every rest interval by 5 seconds, until you have eliminated all of them.